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To Nature, With Love 
Green Canes, way beyond a passion project
We were fortunate enough to be raised by parents who encouraged us to spend time in the wilderness and deeply connect with Nature and Mother Earth. We derive more joy from Adventure Sports, Safaris and Nature Walks than we do from Material Assets.
Our love for Nature makes our heart ache when we see Waste on the streets, Landfills, Abuse of Resources and on a bigger scale, the damage it all does to the Planet and it's Biodiversity. 
The sense of entitlement and sheer ignorance which comes with Power, Money and Status is destroying our home and so many species. 
The default way of our lives was suppose to be Sustainable, one with Nature, Community and Fair Share. Our choices to run behind materialistic lifestlye has resulted in the Antropogenic Driven Phenomenon - Climate Change.
Apart from providing Waste Management Consultancy, we have put together a set of products on our platform, Green Canes which can help one achieve a sustainable lifestyle with very little effort. With these tiny little changes, one can bring in big change, and if we do this together, we can heal the planet. 
That being said, it is important to know the below : 
Sustainable Lifestyle's Ideology = People + Profit + Planet 
All services and products that we provide via Green Canes keep Affordability in mind.

What Keeps Us Going?

The Captain America of our Century ~ Sir David Attenborough

“If the world is, indeed, to be saved, then Attenborough will have had more to do with its salvation than anyone else who ever lived.”

Environmentalist and Author, Simon Barnes
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